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Dr. Jill Gordon
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Contest Letters

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Debbie Freer’s Story

My Mom Debbie Freer has suffered with hearing loss most of my adult life.  Growing up my Mom was a cook in hospital and nursing home kitchens which have loud fans which are constantly running so over the years my Mom went from at first just missing a word or two to at times not even knowing you were talking to her unless she was looking at you. Several years back she had went to an audiologist and they recommended a hearing aid but at the time with my Dad's health declining they just couldn't afford them along with all the other bills they had.  My Mom and Dad had always worked hard, and they were the ones that planned for the rainy day but in the end the medical bills from my Dad quickly used up that money leaving very little for extras.  I watched my Mom take care of my Dad at home up until the day he passed away and she would always feel bad that there were times when he would have to yell for her when he needed help because she just couldn't hear him over the sounds of the oxygen generator or the tv in some instances and for a man suffering with COPD to yell that in itself was a challenge.  About a year after my Dad passed my Grandfather had been diagnosed with end stage liver cancer so my Mom sold her home and moved away from her grandkids to help my Grandmother and nowadays on her days off she is taking my Grandmother to doctors and taking her out for the day. She works as much as she can but still has very little extra to spend on something she could use so much.   My Mom always put everything ahead of herself and I'd like to help her and take a chance on helping her win these hearing aids which will greatly improve her quality of life.  So please help me, help her because at the end of the day she has sacrificed and done so much for everyone around her that she deserves something wonderful.

Daniel Vitello’s Story

My husband, Dan, is a 51-year-old retired Fire Captain who suffers from hearing loss. He loved his job, but after 26 years of being around fire engines, sirens, explosions and heavy machinery, his hearing has severely declined. He still works in the fire profession, but now as a fire instructor. His hearing has been an ongoing issue for a few years, but he is finally taking the time to address the problem. You see, over the past three years, he has been taking care of me, I am a breast cancer survivor. While I was sick, he spent all of his time either taking care of me or working extra hours since I could not work at all. Since his hearing is getting worse, it is now affecting our family and makes his job difficult at times. I would love for Dan to win these hearing aids and be able to hear people and things as he used to in the past. He worked so hard to take care of me, now it’s my turn to help him. He recently had a hearing exam and we realized just how bad his hearing is and how much of a positive impact hearing aids would have in his life; then we saw the cost!! Over $5500!! I battled with the insurance, but they don't pay anything. I am entering him in this contest with the hopes that he can win these hearing aids and improve his quality of life. Dan deserves this, and I am hoping you will vote for him to win these hearing aids - they would be an amazing Christmas present! Thank you all!  ~Nancy