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Dr. Jill Gordon
Celebrating 30 Years

About the Winner

Margaret B.

 has had many challenges in her lifetime due to being hearing impaired and having a genetic disorder called Turner Syndrome. Margaret has never let these two challenges stop her from doing anything in life, she has always tried and never given up just because she doesn't hear like everyone else, or comprehend things like everyone else does. Margaret is the most compassionate, loving, kind hearted person who could ever meet, she always greets people at work with a warm smile and a big hello. Margaret is a dedicated employee who believes in helping out her team members and customers to the best of her ability. Shoprite can always count on Margaret to show up to work no matter what, during this Pandemic, she has been dedicated to fulfilling shop from home orders, so that people who were unable to come into the store due to the pandemic and their fears, could still purchase the quality items Shoprite has to offer, when she completes their shopping she chooses the items as if she was purchasing those items for herself and family. Margaret will always work extra hours to help ensure that the store is able to keep up with the demand so that customers have what they need. Margaret has been featured numerous times on the Howell, Shoprite's FB page as a Star Employee. She truly loves helping people, whether it be at work, family or if she notices someone while she is out and about who is in need of assistance, she will always reach out to offer a helping hand.